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What are good jeans for people with tiny butts but thick legs?
I am a size 4 in jeans and i am 5 foot 7 and a half . My jeans tend to get baggy on my butt. Any good jeans you might know of that are meant for tiny butts such as levis exc.
I guess baggy type jeans would be great ....
What's the best sex dating site for getting women with big butts and tiny waists?
I have signed on to probably 4 sites in the past 5 years and have produced no results. I'm looking for a woman with the "wasp" shape. A waist measuring 20in. or less and hips measuring 45in. and up! Anyone have suggestions for the best site where I can create a profile, sign up and find women like this?
um keep dreaming
Do you think East Asian women often have too tiny and unfeminine butts?
What's your opinion on this?
Or do you think they have great assets ?
Yes, often they have really small butts, even for their body sizes. They don't often have a 'classic' feminine shape like in Latin women for example
I have a really tiny butt, what is a good exercise to change that?
I have always had a tiny butt, I weigh about 130 pounds, and I am thin but I dont really have a shape, because of my butt, and I would love for it to be more there and bigger, but toned. Does anyone know any good exercises that helps butts get bigger but in a good way? HELP!
I understand this problem. Even when I was heavy, I had a flat butt that looked horrible in any jeans. Try walking hills. You can do inclines on a treadmill, or just get outside and walk up some steep hills. If you can somehow add weight (weighted vests or ankle weights) that would accelerate the process. Good luck!
Can someone give me the brands of jeans that fit like perfectly for people with tiny butts ?
my jeans just never fit how i want them to on the butt but they're perfect where my hip & leg is. not even anchor blue jeans. HELP !
I find that American Eagle jeans fit well for me and also levi's fit nice. I have literally no butt and it's so hard to find jeans that fit these days......
How do you get a tiny flat butt?
Yeah I know some guys like big butts
I want a tiny small non-existant flat butt ;) Like a guy basically (don't ask)
Do you obtain that by losing weight?
Or workouts? If you have more muscles there, wont it make it look bigger?
stay away from squats then. thats how you get a big butt

you obtain it by cardio (look at the olymipc long distance runners butts)

lots of running and cycling and swimming and healthy diet.
What brand of jeans would be good for a tiny butt!?
I have the worst time finding jeans that fit me correctly. I have a very small frame. I'm 24 years old, weigh about 95lbs. I'm 5' 3. I think I've tried every brand out there including AE, Abercrombie, Express, Body Shop, Levis, Mudd..Pretty much all the popular brands everyone knows about. I end up with the same problem, the butt of the jeans sag on me or if i do find jeans that fit my butt, they end up being too short. Please list brands designed for tiny butts and no i won't wear guy size jeans lol so please don't go there =P
Dnky jeans are great! i have about the same measurements as you, and i have also tried T.J. max. You should go!!
Do men prefer busty women with tiny waists and big butts or smaller athletic women and medium assets?
I'm just curious it seems like women would rather have the busty tiny waist big butt woman.

I think the curvy women look good when they are young but when they get older everything starts to sag a big saggy butt and big saggy boobs aren't attractive.
Men, in general, likes all body types of women...that's why you see guys with girls that are from stick thin, to fit, to average, to "fluffy" to obese, big boobs, little boobs, average boobs, various sized butts, length of legs, etc...different people have different preferences and some don't care a whole lot but put more emphasis on the inside than the outside...same goes for women and their preferences of body types in men...
Conservatives I bet you like tiny butts right? Well us progressives like them big and round?
Michelle Obama got a big old butt!

And boy do I love that butt!
Why do men have more fat on their butts than girls?
I've noticed this. Girls usually have small, flat butts with zero percent fat. Very narrow as well.

Guys get these huge, fat badonkadonk butts, and TINY waists.

Why do girls get small butts? And guys get the big, fat ones?
Guys and girls have different fat accumulation. Girls tend to gain fat in their behinds as well, also their stomachs and their thighs. It's all evolutionary purposes.

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