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How To Stretch A Sweater

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How To Stretch A Sweater
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Should I hide my sweater fetish?
Since I was a teenager, I have had a strong attraction to wearing sweaters. While I wear fairly normal sweaters in public, I enjoy wearing soft cardigans in private. Mostly cashmere or angora in soft pastel colors - white, powder blue yellow and others. Some with shoulder padding. Should I just wear what I like in public, or keep it at home?
No..its just clothes its not that big of a deal! And fetish nah, you just love em =D so LOVE ON!!!
Sweater fetish or just like seeing a girl in a turtleneck sweater?
I've always had a thing for a gal in a turtleneck sweater, yet more for how the girl looks in it, than anything else (rather than the feel of the material). Just curious on people's comments there...
yeah, i would say it is a fetish because it is a sexual desire you have for this... and according to the dictionary definition, yes... by some definitions...

"any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation."

i wouldn't say sweater fetish, but girl in turtleneck fetish. because turtlenecks on their own don't cause the sexual arousal, but it is the girl in the turtleneck.
Sweater Fetish Question?
I have had this Fantasy of making love to a woman while she wears an Angora Sweater, Has any one had a chance to expiereance or have any women wore an Angora sweater while making love ? Please feel free to tell about it :)
Awww...that's because the sweater is soooo soft!!! Never heard of it before, but I've heard stuff that is way more strange! Just know this...she might get hot and pass out!!! Better do it outside in the winter time!!!
For the Ladies TO Answer: Soft Clothing Fetish ?
I have had this fetish for a long time ...I really Love to see woman in Soft Angora or Mohair Sweaters ... Or a Fur Coat ...Has any one out there Wore a sweater or a Fur coat to get attention or has any one Wore angora sweater while having sex to entice there lover ...I see advertising uses Sweaters and Furs for sexy ads so I must not be the only one Who wants there women Soft and Sexy and I have had women ware these Items for me with no problem ...Just seeing how many women would do this ? THANKS
Hey Jeff;
Nothing wrong with your fettish.
Most women like soft clothing against their skin
Do women have visual fetishes?
My boyfriend and I debated this last night, and now it's your turn! Do women have visual fetishes, or object ones? I personally have a turtleneck sweater fetish, and my boyfriend likes wool socks. There are others, but we'll keep it PG-13 rated. But do women share similar fetishes, or are they situation fantasies, like my boyfriend thinks. Thanks girls!
i like looking at bright lights.
and colourful things.th more vivid its color, th better.

What's your weirdest fetish?
I have a weird fetish with a girl having a sweater tied around their waist, yet not many girls do this nowadays(meaning in high school). I think it relates to that fashion over function deal... yet some fetishes don't have to relate to what someone wears... could be almost anything.... I'll pick the best answer based on weirdness and randomness.
Um... I am instantly attracted to guys with ponytails? Unless they're nasty old biker dudes.. um, yeah...
Girls Promoting Sleeve/Hand Fetish?
Do most people have a sleeve/hand fetish like from a long sleeve shirt or sweater?
I've been looking at some anime and have noticed that they have a few characters that have very long sleeves that either cover their whole arm and then some,
Lucky Star (Akira): i18.photobucket.com/albums/b107/S…

and sometimes have thwir sleeves so that you can barely see their hands let alone their thumbs.
Azumanga Daioh (Chiyo): i61.photobucket.com/albums/h53/an…

I know some males do find this attractive when a girl covers their hands in their sleeves, but do most people find this in a girl? I also want to know if girls do this on purpose because guys have a sleeve/hand fetish?
Arm warmer example: www.craftster.org/pictures/data/5…
(Why not just wear a sweater with sleeves?)

Or are they just cold, or its a habit/look/style (like for shy/smart girls like with glasses and having their hands constanly covering their face)? Maybe they just like having their sleeves like that? (I sometimes see girls pulling their sleeves so that they cover their hands will they were talking)

[Images provide by photobucket and google]
uh...its just a cartoon...it probably is just part of their character that their sleeves are too big for their arms making them seem more immature...chill out.

and the arm sleeve thing is just a fashion accessory, does putting on earrings promote an ear fetish? who knows, but people don't wear them for that reason...
I need help: Unusual clothing fetish: how to resist it or get rid of it permanently?
I have an unusual clothing fetish, one that has "afflicted" me since about age 5 or so, but has gotten progressively worse and more obsessive in the past year. I have a penchant for vests, especially sweater vests. While I enjoy wearing them (I especially like them over a crisp long-sleeved button-down dress shirt, and maybe a tie), collecting them seems to be my real problem. Discovering eBay has only made my fetish worse, since I go on buying sprees where I'll buy several at once. Lately, my liking for them has shifted to buying more colorful ones, pinks and purples. Buying them makes me feel guilty and I'll sometimes sell the ones I've bought; however, at any one time, I have between 20 and 30 of sweater vests. I do wear them (even the pink and purple ones -- probably makes me look gay) but I think wearing them too often is a bit much. The other real problem is the cost: it's expensive to buy these, since many are cashmere and fine wool, or prestigious names like Ralph Lauren or H&M or J Crew. When I see a nice sweater vest on someone else (whether women or men), I often think to myself, "I want that one."

The question becomes: How do I stop this clothing fetish? Should I sell or give away the ones I have? How do I prevent myself from just buying more? I'm tired of wasting money.
obviously you know you have a problem, which is one of the first times you need to realize. I believe you have an emotional tie to the vests and you are buying them for a certain reason. There is something about them that make your mind remember something good. Just think when you go to buy one, do you really need another?
I have an unusual fetish, or maybe not so unusual...?
I have a fetish for girls that wear rolled up long sleeves (or pushed up). Sweaters, blouses, sweatshirts, hoodies, everything. Is this normal? Are there any girls out there that like doing this? I also like wearing long sleeves myself that are rolled up or pushed up. Anyone have any thoughts or anything? Particularlyl girls? Anyone else have this?

I've asked this question in a different category, but I think it was the wrong category to put it in, so I didn't get the answers I was looking for. Thanks!
your fetish is normal, you just like a certain kind of look in clothing on women is all...
Fleece and Faux Fur fetish ?!?
well, everytime I see a girl wearing a fleecejacket or sweater I get a *****. Especially when they wear "High loft Fleece". The same happens when I see Fuax Fur blankets. I just want to grab the balnket and masturbate into them. Am I the only one, and what do you girls think about that?
You are not the only one. Many people have fetishes and this one is very mild compared to most.

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