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Can a teenage girl get pregnant from a different person one month after becoming pregnant?
I've heard of two different pregnancies at the same time but hypothetically speaking could I have sex with a 6 weeks pregnant teenage girl with no stds and not have to worry about her getting pregnant from my end? What are the odds?
she wont get pregnant by you. once your pregnant you don't ovulate.
How many unmarried pregnant teenage daughters can you have and still be considered as having "family values"?
Obviously an single black woman with three unmarried pregnant teenage daughters would not be considered as having "family values."

But a white married woman with one unmarried pregnant teenage daughter has tons of "family values".

How can you tell if someone has "family values" without looking at their family?
Parents can teach their guyren right from wrong, however when they are older and decide to what they want, it has absolutely nothing to do with what they were taught. I don't care what race or religion you are.
Do you think parents should be given the option of disowning a teenage daughter who is pregnant?
The baby is probably gonna be like a second guy to the parents and burden them anyways. Do you think parents should disown a pregnant teenage daughter?
Burden?? omg

My answer:

Absolutely not. The teenager is still their guy no matter what. And if the teen is not old enough to move out on her own, then she's still legally entitiled to live in her parent's home.

Ok, so the girl didn't make the best decision when she got knocked up, but either way the baby is still her guy, her parents' grandguy - period. A life is always a blessing even if we don't always see it at first run.
(However, I would hope the girl would get on long term birth control after this.)

No matter what, the teen needs her parents emotional support more now than ever. If they abandon her now, what kind of parents are they, really?
Lecture, teach her, etc. but don't dump her out on the streets, especially not now.
What are your feelings towards pregnant teenage (13-17) year olds?
We hear about a lot of young teenage pregnancies often but sometimes peoples' opinions on this subject surprise me.

Do you feel sorry for the pregnant girls or think it's their own fault and that they deserve it?
I think they're morons. They can't find anything else better to do? I don't feel sorry for them, they're so young they are not supposed to be having sex. I just feel sorry for their guy.
The only thing that I don't agree with is that in my private school they kick the girl out if she get's pregnant for not being a good example to other students. (That I agree with). However nothing happens to the boy which I think is unfair. It's both of their faults.
Can you really get a teenage sim pregnant?
I was just on youtube, and there were a few videos with pregnant teenage sims. Is it possible to really do that? What do I have to downlaod for it?
Does anyone have a link to a website that would tell me?
****I have to admit I have actually never tried to get a teenager pregnant but I think this is how it is done****

it's the tombstone of life & death how to get it... ok I was confused at first...
1) shift ctrl c brings up the cheat box
2) boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3) press shift then click on a sim and the menu that pops up will give you the option spawn choose tombstone of L&D
it wll place a tombstone on your property
4) click the tombstone and there are many options.
5) be sure to turn the cheat off (boolprop testingcheatsenabled false) it will do some weird things if left on.

this cheat does other things too play with it a bit before turning it off. you can make everyone on your property your friend. badge juicer will give your sims gold talent badges. give yourself cell phones or mp3 players.

A few of my other favorite cheats incase you haven't found them yet
maxmotives : you will never have to eat, sleep, or bathe again. (also works well on employees in open for business)

lockaspiration on: keeps you at platnium level (will not give you more or less aspiration points so if you are at gold and are about to do one of your aspirations be sure to turn it off first to get the points and raise your aspiration meter)

motherlode: 50,000 simolians
In Canada, what are the options for a pregnant teenage girl who doesn't want the baby?
I was just wondering, if your a pregnant teenage girl in order to get the morning after pill/abortion and what not do you have to have your parents informed about the pregnancy? Or can you just pick up pills on your own and get an abortion on your own?
her best option would be to not have sex if she doesn't want to get pregnant or use some serious birth control
How many former pregnant teenage cons do you think.....?
How many former teenage cons do you think wished they got pregnant in 2008 so they didn't have to fake miscarriages, be shipped off somewhere, or forced into a marriage?
what's a teenage con?
How does a pregnant teenage girl go about making a first doctor appointment?
I have a friend who thinks she's pregnant, and if after she takes the little home test today it says she is, and she doesn't have a regular doctor at all, never goes to the hospital...who/where at the hospital should she call to set up a first appointment, and should it be immediate?
If she's pregnant, it's not urgent that she immediately goes to the doctor. She will get a blood test for confirmation and then she should make an appointment with an OB/GYN for prenatal care. Does she have health insurance through her parents? If so, she will be covered.

She should however, go as soon as possible if she's decided to keep the baby so she can start her prenatal vitamins as early as possible.

Good luck to your friend.
How do I parent my pregnant teenage daughter?
Our 16 year old daughter is pregnant and going to have the baby. Her dad and I will support her and the baby while she is in high school. I am worried about her living at home and my parental instincts taking over for her. I know she needs to learn how to be a good mom, but when am I crossing the line? Anyone know of good books on the subject or just any real-life advice or support?
The best way you can be a parent to a teen parent is teach her real world skills and show her the real cost of life. Make her get a job now while she is pregnant. Allow her to go out once a month with her friends for free and charge her normal babysitting rates if she wants to go out more. It may seem unfair but she needs to realize what the real world is like.

Let her know as long as she is the one getting up at night to feed the baby, she is the one preparing the bottles, she is the one changing the diapers then she can have more say in how things are done. If she is using you as a nanny then you have say on how things are done.

Show her how to do laundry and make her do her own laundry and her guy's laundry. Show her how to use a screwdriver and make her assemble the crib. Show her how to vacuum the floor and make her keep her room clean and safe. The baby can't be crawling around on dirty clothes with jewelry laying around everywhere.

When the bills come, show them to her. Obviously a teen shouldn't have to pay for the electric or the tv or internet but she needs to know how much they cost. Let her know that in addition to rent she will have bills like this when she moves out on her own. You have to de-glamourize any fantasies she may have about how life will be when shes on her own in a couple years. Take her to the grocery store every week and have her be an active part in the shopping.
How many pregnant teenage girls finish high school?
I'm doing a report on how many teenage girls finish high school after becoming pregnant and I need answers today!!!
You are going to use Y!A for statistics for your report? Try the library for some resources. There are studies out there that will have numbers for you. Good luck!

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