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All Comments

Where can I find a sixty year old woman wiv big floppy boobs and into mini skirts and heels ?
How pervy is THAT !!??
Women of all ages and body types like to be found desirable!
It's only pervy if you are less than 45 years old.
As a women gets older; is it better that she have normal boobs or huge ones?
Most people assume that normal is better, but which one will look normal at an older age? Gravitiy takes a toll on breast as the years pass, small boobs too begin to sag. I've seen saggy small boobs and they look almost as bad as bigger ones.

But to the point, there is one thing that big breasted women have over normal sized women. We can get a reduction and have our breast look better than normal! I just found out that insurance will pay for a reduction if the breast are big enough and causing enough problems. I plan to have one done after I have and nurse guyren and/or they begin to sag. I'd become a perky C cup.

Normal sized breasted women have to pay for it, and when they do get it their breast will lose so much skin that they will end up with an A cup unless they get implants.

I love my boobs even though some people always have negative comments about them. They say they look fake or are 2 big for my body. In my opinion, they are just jealous because mine are natural.
You're opinion is correct!. They are jealious. As I've gotten older with my wife, it seems her breasts have gotten larger. Fact is, I have no problem with that at all. Either does she. Sam
Is it wrong to be attracted to 12 year olds if you prefer women older than you?
I prefer women over 30, they are sexier. And I like big boobs.

But I do find 12 year olds attractive too, but just not as much. And I would not do anything with them even if they wanted to cause they are not mentally ready.

But is it wrong? Does it make me sick? Or is it normal?
You're not "sick." You haven't acted on it, so you haven't done anything wrong. You can't control what you're attracted to. I would, however, advise you to see a mental health professional. A psychologist would help you a lot. There's a stigma related to therapy that shouldn't be there. It's very helpful and isn't just for "crazies."
ok... i am nerly 13, i havent started my period yet, and [i know this is a strange question] but out of curisity, do u think ill have bigger boobs wen im older???
the women in my family are mosty flat chested...
right now i have a 32/B... same with my mom...
but [lol] my boobs are flying out but a C is to big...
but idk... wen im older... do u think theyell be 'big'...
You most likely will have bigger boobs since you have a fuller breast now and you're only 13. There's nothing wrong with being a C though, many guys will like it, and they're currently the average size. Don't worry about it, even if your boobs don't grow. Boobs are beautiful things and will be no matter what size.
How did men manage to brainwash women into thinking big boobs/silicone will increase their worth as humans?
16 year old american girls asking for breast implants for their birthday wtf
When it comes to appearance, many women look for validation not from men, but from themselves or other women. Most of us realise that men are simply happy with boobs- of any type. Personally, I much prefer natural breasts (whatever the size) - I don't like the plastic look, and I know plenty of men who agree with me.
I just wanted to say, I enjoy dating Big Curvy Busty Women !!!!!!?
Im 23 and live with 2 older bigger women, and they fun to be around. If i was old enough i sure would like to date them. I enjoy how my roommates dress in clothes and make up and i sometime enjoy seeing their friends over to visit. I secretly get turned on when they are dressed up go out for the nite, sometimes i enjoy thier lingerie when they dress me up, im straight and we are open with each other.
So i was wondering any big women out there like to dress up thier males friends and flirt with them, and how big are yur boobs, im wearing one of my roommates red satin 40ddd bra lol, so whats up big ladies.
... what if your big woman was a 32 A?
Does a woman has to remove her breast implants when she reaches her senior years?
I am still to see a 70, 80 year old woman with big boobs still looking forward. I know breast augmentation has been booming maybe for the last 15 years or so but I am thinking ahead about women who got the implants in their 40's if they can take them to the grave?
Millenniums from now, archaeologists will be finding all these mysterious bags of goo on the ribs of ancient skeletons. They will call our era "The Age of Female Mutilation".
Will I have big boobs when I'm older?
I'm 13 and 34A so I obviously have room to grow and my mom is DD but she is also overweight so what I'm asking is will I be that big? It's all genetics right? I know if your fat you'll look bigger on your breasts I'm thin and I plan to be when I'm older I'm very healthy and I excersise a lot but I reeaally don't want to be big there. on my dads side the women are not big though if that even matters but on my moms side all her sisters are huge (and overweight) so will I be big?
Overweight women always have bigger boobs. It's god's apology to fat people.

And yes, since you are only 13, they will most likely be bigger when you're older. Don't go thinking they'll be the same size as your mom's though, I think you'll be disappointed.
At what age does a women boobs stop growing?
Sometimes im c34 and i am 20 years old. am i done growning? i want big boobs but everyone else say i got percet ones
Boobs will grow, shrink and change shape YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!
Do woman with small boobs get saggy when they get older? Im an A cup and 26 I dont see anychange and my ex?
and me were talking the other day and he said Im lucky because woman with big boobs sag really young and Ill likely always be perky is this true?
Small breasted women have a problem when they have guyren. The breast will become larger because of the mike glans but after breast feeding they often go away to nothing. I mean like just saggy skin with a nipple hanging. At this time they often get implants but be careful and don't get some huge boobs. It looks unnatural. Get no larger than a C cup. Just be sure they match your body shape. Ask your doctor for advice. Good Luck. Oh and I love smaller breasted women.

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