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I. mature granny, would like to work as a NANNY looking after guyren for Celebrities Who should I contact?
I have 4 well brought up guyren of my own with 4 grand-guyren. I speak English (Mother tongue) German (not quite fluent) and 2 Southern African languages.( Malawi & Zimbabwe). It seems Celebrities are too busy and I would like to dedicate time to their guyren while feeling good about being with important people! Imagine if I worked with MADONNA'S little David. I would be able to speak to him in his Mother tongue (Chichewa)..
I live in Germany and will be very willing to travel anywhere.
Google Nanny agencies. You probably won't work for a celebrity without references and a degree, but you could probably get in with a nice family. Do be aware you will be the parent for hire and the working conditions are not always the greatest.
Why do you think men like to watch mature women in pornography?
I mean older like grannies. A friend has a porn addiction and I can't figure out why he is hooked on watching much older women, (he is a young man in his 20s). Any ideas what the root of his problem might be?
Chances are good that he feels like he has fully explored the perfect looking, young girls and wants to seek something different. This is a red flag. Your friend needs stop looking at the porn and experience some real life. It will cause him many problems that I don't even want to discuss here. I suggest he visit Thailand or Philippines. That REAL experience will help pull him away from porn.

Whatever you read here, please heed my warning that a person with a porn addiction who is into very old woman will likely seek out other more bizarre porn and that could lead to some destructive/illegal behaviors.
How can a mature woman wear long hair and still look professional (minus the bun)?
It's really hard for woman over 40 to pull off long hair styles. Most chop it off to shoulder length or less, but, does anyone have any other suggestions (without the granny bun)?
Sleek and straight (down) always seems professional to me. If you have waves make them smooth and not gel like and crunchy (sunsilk has great new products for wavy and curly hair that make your hair so soft and shiny). If you have curly hair i would suggest doing the same thing as wavy hair. You can also do a slicked back pony or even a pony with a part. I wouldn't put clips (like fancy ones) in your hair b/c the can either look guydish or wouldn't. Another hair style you can try is french braids and/or a french twist. There are tons of youtube videos to show you how to do those two hairstyles if you dont know how.
Question about porn(from a 14 year old) (Mature answers only)?
Im 14 and watch porn, No supprises there because i know that just about every 14 year old watches porn. I like watching porn with young women eg, 20's. No problems there, thats not whats annoying me, A while back i watched some mature/granny porn. I stopped for a couple of months but a couple of days ago. I began to fell guilty and ashamed. I tend to worry about a lot of things and this is another one of those things. I in no way, shape or form want to ever go out with a older person. Im at that age where "expermentation" is usual at my age. I dont watch porn that much, I go to school, have a lot of friends and I love socialising. I feel ashamed and terrible. I know im certanly gonna grow out of it as i was only trying out new things. Is there something wrong with me??
that porn is there for a reason. some people like it, and there's nothing wrong with it.

it doesn't mean you like older women or anything.

hey, sometimes I watch lesbian porn, but i know i'm not lesbian.
and i'm not ashamed.
I am 27 years old and I really like the 2010 Buick Lacrosse. Do you think that car is too mature for me?
I am looking to purchase another car in May by then I will be 28. I really like that it looks high class but on a mid-level price. I have two guyren and I thought it would be perfect for them with room and comfort. I know Buick's vehicles have been known to be granny cars so that's why I am asking for your opinons but the car is gorgeous.
No, it's not.

If you love the car, buy it.

This car's too mature for the punk@sses that drive Japanese rice burners.
I hate having sex with my husband,becouse he is always in to Granny/Mature old lady type porno ?
I confronted him many time.He always denies.When i check browsing history it's fooled with those sites. If he watch porno with young people on it i wouldn't go upset. I am 35 still looking young. He is 10 years older than me. Because of my young guys i can not walk ways from my marriage. I hate him for doing this. Most of the time i think he get more pleasure from fantasising having sex with old Granny's. I know this is gross..Pls tell me what to do???
Dang that is some bizarre $hit. I wouldnt have sex with him anymore and tell him that you are grossed out. Be like whats up with you and the old ladies. Then be like i am in to young studs thats my thing. Then when ever he wants to see that granny beaver he will imagine some young stud giving it to you like he cant and it will ruin it for him. And seriously why not be into young studs for reals anyways?
Mature women can seduce me really easily?
I dont know why i just
get turned on more with mature women,
by mature women i dont mean grannies
i just mean older women around 29-39
like im 20 years old now
ive had 3 girlfriends ive had sex with
each aged 29, 33 and 35,

when i was 18
i was seduced by a 33 year old
woman who was divorced.
i didnt care what people think


before you call me weird or a perv or anything
note that people have different turn ons and turn offs
my tastes are as different to yours as yours are from mine.
you're not the only boy
I just like Mature women... :P?
Ive just turned 18.
Now while my mates are all into young skinny girls,
i get much more turned on by older women.

by older i dont mean f***** grannies!!!
i mean sort of around 25-40.

I mean i had my first sex when i was 17 with this 31 year old woman, who was really seductive.

I dont know, its just get turned on by hot mature women,
yes i know, "sex shouldn't be about lust and it should be special"
bla bla bla. Im really just a guy at the moment, and haven't reached the stage of maturity where i want a long loving relationship,
i wanna have fun and enjoy my youthful genetalia while i have it.

Alot of my friends think im weird and perverted,
but at the same time they are hitting on girls just at a different age.

do you think im perverted and/or strange?
just because i get more attracted to women who arent my own age?
There are no rules about this stuff. Your first sexual experience must have been great since you now idealize older woman. Maybe you are just attracted to their confidence and experience?
How can I graft edible apple branches onto a crabapple tree?
We have a very mature crab apple tree and I would like to have a granny smith and a braeburn branch grafted to it. Would I call an arborist or see if the local nursery could do it? If I have to do it my self, do I use the trunk of a young tree as the branch or just the largest branch on the tree?
Visit your local library of agricultural experiment station. They will tell you exactly how to graft branches.
Why are the young people in Naruto so mature?
*** Warning : Spoilers ***
I am currently watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 31. Granny Chiyo is about to give her life for Gaara's. I am struck by Sakura. She is so composed. She has a sad, wise look in her eyes. She was ready to sacrifice her own life for Granny Chiyo when she threw herself in front of the sword thrust of Sasori intended for Granny Chiyo. Sakura gave everything she had to beat Sasori and try to save Granny Chiyo and now she watches with sadness, tinged by wisdom as Granny Chiyo prepares to give up her life to save Gaara's in a final gesture of remorse for having aided to turn Gaara into a weapon in the first place. I am simply in awe at how mature Sakura has become from the little girl who was always obsessing over Sasuke and worrying about blow drying her hair. How did this change happen? And Sakura is not the only one. Neji. Shikamaru. Choji. Kiba. Lee. Hinata. Kankurou. Gaara. Sasuke. Naruto. They're all so thoughtful. So introspective. Why are they so mature?
I'd like to think that Naruto's true power is beyond the demon fox. He has a positive influence on the people around him. Everyone around him is stronger and is the better for knowing him. Sakura trained with Tsunade because she wanted to help Naruto and not be useless, Neji realized he could control his own fate and took that fate into his own hands, Gaara worked hard to rebuild the trust he destroyed, and Hinata trained hard so that Naruto could see her. All of them learned to never give up and put in their all.

"The power to believe in yourself. That will become the power to change fate."

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