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What are some good teen lesbian movies?
I've already watched a couple movies like

Lost and Delirious
Imagine Me and You
But I'm Just A Cheerleader
Loving Annabelle

I love all these movies so much. They all made me cry. lol

What are some other good teen lesbian movies like these?
itty bitty titty committee
What are some good teen lesbian/bi movies out there?
hey yall :D so far i've watched

D.E.B.S (really good. cute and funny)
Loving Annabelle (the girl Annabelle is soo hot. just saying....)
But im a cheerleader.. (meh)
Lost and Delirious

anyone know any other good movies?? something thats new would be great? Thanks (:
thirteen lol.
i think theirs some lesbian action
Best teen lesbian movies?
I am a teen, and I love to watch movies with my girlfriend like But, I'm A Cheerleader and things like that. Any teen-lesbian movies. Does anyone have any suggestions about which movies are good? I would also like it to be possible to view on youtube, or full on the internet. Thanks!
1. "Loving Annabelle." Two words; Watch it!
2. "Imagine me and you" Possibly the cutest lesbian film I have ever seen :')
3. "Lost and Delirious." I love this film, most do, cant watch it though for fear of losing my sanity :(
4. "Better than chocolate" Id quite happily tattoo myself with "obscene lesbian pervert" because of this film. Its one of the best!

Im sure you'll have checked out the l word, but another good show is sugar rush :)

You can download most of these on ares, :) or watch scenes on youtube
Young teen lesbian need advice on what to do?
I'm 16 y/o and yes I'm a lesbian. I have a girlfriend that I have been sexually active with many of time. I use to live and go to school in a big town and was a cheerleader. When I told my family that I was a lesbian which they did not accept or approve of at all. Then my brother went to school and told people that I was a lesbian which no one cared that I was and my old cheer leading squad accepted me for who I was. Then this year I started a new school in a small town and joined the
cheer leading squad which again my brother told people that I was a lesbian. So after that the other cheerleaders started picking on me and harassing me about it. I told the cheer leading coach about all of the problems but she just told me that she did not need a muff diving carpet muncher disturbing her squad so she kicked me off the squad. I was so hurt and depressed cause I love doing cheer leading and my family know I do. I got home and told my parents what had happened but all they said was if I would have stayed normal it would not had happened and it was all my fault that I got kicked off the squad and I was the only one to blame and no one else. I'm so hurt depressed and devastated by my family action and the school's action where I don't want to go back to school and just run away from my family. And go back to my old school where I was accepted for who I was. Does anyone have any advice or ideas on what I can do on my problem please help me out. My parents are not doing nothing to help me out with the problem I have with the school and the cheer leading squad.
I'm sorry that you're going through this. My advice is to punch your idiot of a brother, tell your parents that you are disappointed in them. Don't use words like sad. Pretend your a teacher lecturing a student. You are disappointed at your parent's guyish behavior. You are a person. You matter. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Do you have any relatives that accept you? Go to one of them. If you don't you can call guy services, or go to their website. Also, you can call this great radio show called Dawson McAllister live. These are the hours of operation.

Sunday 7PM - 5AM CST
Monday 7PM - 5AM CST
Tuesday 7PM - 5AM CST
Wednesday 7PM - 5AM CST
Thursday 7PM - 5AM CST
Friday 7PM - 12AM CST
Saturday 7PM - 12AM CST

CALL 1800-394- 4673.

Lesbian movies with a more "teen" focus?
Hey all, I was wondering if anybody can suggest some lesbian movies that have teen characters. Well, not necessarily teen, but just younger characters. I have nothing against other lesbian movies, but I tend to enjoy the ones with younger characters more, since they're more relateable for me.

The ones I have already seen are:
Lost & Delirious
Itty Bitty Titty Committee (hehe)
But I'm a Cheerleader
Loving Annabelle

Are there any others? Thanks so much! :)
i like
better than chocolate
imagine me and you

those are all i can think of right now
Any good lesbian teen movies? for teens.?
Can u suggest any?.. I already watched show me love, debs, lost and delirious and truth about jane.. I want something that is kinda funny or sets on a high school story.. or acceptance but I also want the characters to be pretty.. both girly girl. I didn't like But I'm a cheerleader because I don't find the main characters attractive and I can't relate.. Please suggest something that I would like?
Well unfortunately there aren't really any great movies that portray teenagers and their sexual orientation besides the ones u named. But if u r looking for something like that u can watch the tv show South of Nowhere. It doesn't really come on Tv anymore but it was a good show. I can't say it was the best representation of lesbians/bis in high school. But it was entertaining and I'm sure you've heard of it before. So just go over the movies and wtch them again. Or make ur own. lol IDk
Good teen lesbian movies?
well it doesn't exactly have to be "teen" but it would be nice since i'd be able to relate to it more.

i've seen
- loving annabelle
- debs
- imagine me and you
- lost and delirious
- but i'm a cheerleader
- show me love
TV series are South Of Nowhere which i personally think that it is great, also The L Word, The 2nd season of The O.C. Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) gets with a girl. Not a "teen" movie but Bound is good.
Recommend any Lesbian Movies?
Can anybody tell me of some cute lesbian (preferably teen) movies like But I'm A Cheerleader? I just love that movie <3. Thank you!
The Itty Bitty Titty Committee is made by Jamie Babbitt (the maker of But I'm A Cheerleader). It's pretty cute. My favorite lesbian movie of all time is Aimee & Jaguar, but it's not a teen movie.
What are the best teen movies to watch that are about bisexual and lesbians has anything to do with it?
I have watched "Im just a cheerleader", "Boys don't cry" and "south of nowhere" and i loved them any more like them?
I like jonas brothers ,The Descent ,SuperBad, Role Models, What Happens in Vegas
Bride Wars
Go to the best movies downloads review website can download them.
Are there any movies like foxfire?
I am looking for some movies about a lesbian relationship but i am looking for one that is more like Foxfire, But I'm a cheerleader, Adventures of Two girls In love or the Truth about Jane. Do you know of any movies like this? About teen lesbian relationship or a butch lesbian and femme?
I love Foxfire! :)

Try Lost and Delirious, Gia or Loving Annabelle...though its about a student and a teacher relationship.

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