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Do you think for one minute that Mr. Trump, with ALL his gazillions, would bother even looking at your average middle aged woman? NOT! So it is this not t double standard?
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I think her name is Illanny (Sp???) ... she's super rich and didn't need Trumps money. Quite the contrary ... Trump has filed for Bankruptcy so many times that he probably needs his wife's money and brains to keep him alive. She seems on the media to be a very smart and compassionate woman ... guess the Donald lucked out. Dunno how she kisses such an ugly mug ... but love is love.

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Hot,young,blonde hair celebs preferably not older than 21?
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Young blonde (hot) male actors?
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taylor kitsch.

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Carrie Undrewood
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Taylor Swift.

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She was in the paper a couple of years ago. She was holding a guitar and was had long blonde hair with a fringe. She was so gorgeous, but I can't remember her name. Any one have any idea who I mean? She was apparently a very talented professional guitar player.
i think you talk about Avril Lavigne,but she is Canadian.

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