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All Comments

Girls hogtied?......?
Girls, have you ever been hogtied? If so, whrer did they hogtie you?(EX: hands, feet, toes ect.) Were you barefoot? Please answer
GIRLS: Is this a sign they liked me more than the other guys?
I was invited to a party a sorority was throwing. Lots of the popular guys were. But a few of the girls hogtied me and were taking pictures. They let me go after a few minutes and were all really nice. What was the deal with that???
Literally hogtied?

They could of either thought you were "hot" or something like that.


It could of been...take a pic with the nerd or something mean.

What do girls (women) prefer: to be tied up wearing high heels or to be tied up barefoot?
I have been playing sexual bondage games with my wife and with quite a few girlfriends before her, and did not find an answer to this; my personal preference is to have them tied (hogtied) barefoot. But it seems that wearing high heels in this situation is a bigger turn-on for some girls.
I like to tie up my wife wearing heels or boots, but then take them off her when she is helpless and suck on her bare soles and toes. The combo of slowly removing her shoes and then the tongue bath drives her crazy. Sometimes she will wear old nylons and I will rip them to sheds as part of the game too. After she is barefoot, I like to put the toe cuffs on her. It's such a turn on for both of us.
Hogtied porn? whats with that!?
Hey there

I just heard about it. You know, girls hogtied and tortured, go through a lot of suffering and are made to have orgasms.

1. Is that even allowed by law?
2. Who in the world comes up with some idea like this and has success!?
Look its simple, you take a random whore and tie her to a chair, whip her and jerk off in her armpit. Its just the same.
What is the best way to hogtie a girl?
Me and my girl are planning on doin some bondage. I've heard that a hogtie is the most common bondage and ive also read that just tying the feet to the hands isnt the best way to hogtie someone. So could anyone please explain the right way or give other bondage suggestions?
You need to leave her some slack to keep her comfortable. Personally I'd have thought the good ole spread eagle on the bed to be the most common. So once you've hogtied her, what are you gonna do with her?
This group of 4 girls is plotting to "hogtie" me at a party next weekend...?
What does "hogtie" mean? And why would they be planning such a thing?! LOL.
What they're going to do is tackle you, hold you down, lay you on your stomach and tie your wrists to your ankles. Hahahah IF it's 4 girls....and they're cute.... I say go with it hahaha.

as for why, why not?
4 girls are plotting to "hogtie" me at a party next week. What's that mean???
Should I try to avoid it? Or is it a common party game I just haven't heard of?
"Hogtie" is to tie you up the way that they tie up hogs (pigs). All 4 of your limbs (arms & legs) put together and then a rope wrapped around them repeatedly and then tied in a knot.

A) I doubt they are serious. If they are, then they are idiots for telling you in advance.

B) if they are serious, they are not doing this for any good purpose.
This group of 4 girls is plotting to "hogtie" me at a party next weekend... What does "hogtie" mean...?
... And when did this become a party game?!?!
they're gonna "use" you and "abuse" you.

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