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Where to find free LONG gay movies with a story line but with... action?
Please help! I need to know it soon... i just want to watch a good video with some poing of why they love each other (GUYS not girls)!! (: THANKS
If you over 18 gay porn torrents you have to register
Is there anywhere apart from torrents one can download 2gb size or more gay porn movies for totally free?
My ISP has completely blocked torrents even encryption wont work. I am looking to download atleast 1hour 30minutes length porn videos for totally free. I do not want those streamed one(youtube type) because they take too long to download and video quality negligible. All the good sites I know charge(like rapidshare). I wonder if there is a free way out.
Where can i find full length gay movies?
i have always just gone site to site and watched previews... any thing will help as long as it is free and gay.
Here's what I'd do;
Go to the Amazon website (, and type in something like "gay" in the search bar, and select movies only. Once you've found one, click on it and see what similar products there is.
Now you have lots of gay movies which you know the name of.

Next, go to (, a free site which doesn't require any registration. Type in any of the gay films you now know of, see if there is any videos of it, and enjoy!

Hope this helps!
Does anyone know if there are more free GAY porn sites that are virus free and dont require downloads?
I want websites that are free and dont require downloads to watch the videos and i also want them to be safe from viruses and stuff like that. And if you could give me sites that offer pretty long movies that would be great!
OK we have: &
With gaywatch all you have to do is sign up you don't have to pay for any thing both sites are 100% free(no Catch)
How can i find free gay movie?
atleast 10 mintus long. easy down load
go to search for GAY
u'll get lots of videos & u can download it too

or u can try torrent
Who know in internet where i can find gay muscle movie zip or rar for free?
usually i cant find normally gay muscle porn in my country and just i am trying to find some of long clips or move or other format of these kind of film in net,my favorite studio is colt studio and spacial Karim and Carlo massimi.thank for all helps
Go to
Do you know a site with free gay porn without downloading?
no viruses no downloading and make sure the movie or video is long.
Yea it is called the internet and search engines. Check it out
Looking for free gay dating adult chatrooms for latinos no credit .Or online or email free no credit.?
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You can try Glee, it's free:
Was Another Gay movie the Sequel GOOD?
I want to know, i liked the first one okay, it did have some funny parts, but it wasn't a very long movie at all..
I want too see the second one sooo bad :(, tell me if it was good :)..
I would really like to know, and is there a site i could see it for free :)
it sucked i really lyk the first one but this one was poorly written and bad acting
Gay porn..?
what are some good gay porn sites? Can you guys tell me some? i dont care if it a pay or free... It best if it long clip or movies... thx! is pretty good plus its free for the most part! :)

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