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IS it normal for women to stick their finger up your *** during sex?
I was having sex with my girlfriend this weekend and she put her finger up my ***. Im not sure how i really feel about it and should i talk to her about it?
Nick really need to live a little. Most guys go off like a rocket when I slip a finger in there and massage their prostate. Its like a g-spot orgasm for guys. Loosen up and go with the flow. She's a girl right? Not a dude. You should want her to touch every part of your body.

What does it mean if a guy have long-*** finger nails, and wears a pinky ring?
His nails is pointed-like. And he has this silver pinkie ring on... The longest nail is his pinkie.. Does he worship the devil?
(Saying he's gay is not an option.. He flirt with girls sometimes)
I doubt he's gay...sounds more like pimp...which points to the use of cocaine...and the reason he flirts with girls is because pay he needs them to pay his bills!!!
Peace, Love & Happiness
This is going to be an amazingly weird question but: Can you die from putting your finger up your ***?
Okay so I did a dare from my friend. He bet me 15 bucks I wouldn't put my finger up my ***. I did. Now I'm afraid I'll die. I'm just being paranoid but can you die from that?
Relax!! You definetly wount die. But don't take such dares.
Has anyone ever heard of a wrestling move where someone puts their finger in someones ***?
My neighbours little boy has just been sexually assaulted by a 12 year old boy, and this is his excuse was it is a wrestling move? And the police have done nothing?
I have watched a lot of professional wrestling and have seen a lot of things that might be considered wild, crazy, and disgusting, but I have never heard or seen a move where someone does that. It is just a lame excuse and the police should take this matter more seriously.
Why do guys find it okay to finger in the ***? Wouldn't that be so awkward?
I think it's a little unusual.
It's just a way of trying something new, some girls love the whole anal thing but honestly i prefer a girl that likes a little action there but it aint a huge deal if they like it or not. I like devinamaria! She sounds freaky!. Honestly u need to ask her she sounds like an anal nut. But it just depends on your sexual preferences. Nothing says SUPRISE!!! like a finger in the a$$ lmao
Why will a nurse put there finger up your ***, but ask them to pick your nose and they say it gross?
I'm a quadriplegic and can,t use my arms, and if I ask a nurse to pick my nose most of them will say gross when they are in training do they learn nose picking
Lyle, I know where you're coming from but I guess I never gave it a thought. I have a medical background and after a few moments of thinking I guess my answer would be "it would be difficult to pick your nose with a glove on". You won't find any procedure for "nose picking" in the book. Keep this type of questions coming. Take Care.
Girlfriend wants to put her finger in my ***?
Hey my Girlfriend keeps assisting that if she can put her finger in my ***...
And she's keep trying to convince me to change my mind ... lol

I dont know but i find it wierd, kinda disturbing, and not ganna lie kinda gay lol

I keep saying No but i dont think she wants to hear that at the moment lol

Why do Girlfriends want to put a finger in a guys ***?? please tell me lol
Men have a prostrate gland that well experienced women enjoy to stimulated. There are two ways to do this: -
-rub a mans belly just below the belly button. If you do this while your wanking him off, I guarantee he'll enjoy it
-the more direct way, is put something up his ****

If you put anything up a mans **** he will almost certainly get an erection because of the prostrate gland stimulation.It's basically the male G spot

So, yes try it dont be so homo fob it doest make you gay it just pleasurable why do you think gay men are always so happy lol
Will my wife let me finger her ***?
My wife loves when I rub her anus but will she let me finger it? She loves when I lube up my cock and her *** and she rubs her tight anus on my cock and she says she loves the feeling but will she love something in it?
Why not ask her?
He doesnt act gay or has never came across to me as gay. But we had a freaky moment one night coming in drunk one night and ....oh yeah...i went there and now it seems like he likes it and wants more of it when we do it.
If you are both fine with, have your freakness. It is great you are able to open up to each other like that.
My man loves it to, never for a moment have I thought of it as gay. He wants ME to do it, not some guy.
It simulates the prostate gland, otherwise called the male g-spot. If you don't mind playing there, lube up and have fun.

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