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Black guys and white girls with big butts?
I'm on my high school's track team and we practice at a public track with another school that has a ton of black guys. There's this blonde girl on my team with a very prominent bubble butt and these black guys literally go wild over her. They're always talking about her butt and how hot she is and stuff like that. There are black girls with big butts on my team too, but they aren't nearly as into them as they are into this one blonde girl.

So, why is it that they love her so much?!?!?
We can't know why they dig her so much, you'd have to ask them...my guess is because she's an attractive girl with a physical feature they like...

I'm a white chick with an average butt, and plenty of black guys pay me attention also...it's not always about the azz...
Girls, do you call it a bubble butt or booty?
I'm 16 and biraical, half black/half white and have a small waist and large bubble butt. I prefer to call it a bubble butt instead of booty. What do you call it?
I ignore mine. But it has been called a bubble butt by my brothers.
What can i call my boyfriend that loves my butt ?
okay so my butt is huge ! its not fat but i have what people call a "black girl butt"( not being racist ) but yeah
so anyways my boyfriend decided to start to call me bubble butt and now he wants me to call him something.. what should i call him ? ahah pleaseee help
call him butt lover
or poop explorer
or perhaps poo-poo express
or plumpers
or plum farmer
or ugly
or kaboose hunter
or cayote slayer
or dragon slayer
or harry potter
or rebeca the ****
or johnny cash in the pants
any of those would do
Skinny Black and Hispanic girls?
Why are there skinny Black and Hispanic girls? Don't Black and Hispanic women believe they're "better than white women? Alot of Black and Hispanic girls don't have bubble butts and 36d boobs. Why not? Aren't Latinas supposed to be the best? There're white girls with big asses?
there are a lot of skinny because we like taking of are self like everyone else. no all black and latina think the are better than white women. um actually latinas and blacks do have bubble butts most are pear shaped on hourglass. yes there are white woman with big butts and no latinas arent the best humans are (by humans i mean every race and culture).
Why is it so hard to find a girl with a big bubble butt around where I live?
Yes even the black women around my area have small butts. It's practically impossible to find a girl with a big butt like Kim Kardashian, Jlo, Vida Guerra, Ashanti, etc.

why is this? seriously unless its a big bubble butt I dont consider it a "big" butt
go to the club. or look at mine! :p
yes i'm always near that stair master or quadricepts/squats machine at the gym
Why do Black girls make..?
Why do Black girls make my manhood so friggin' hard? The thick thighs and bubble butts. OMG. It's like they're built specifically for this reason. I don't mean to sound racist, but I don't find they're faces all that attractive, but their bodies are amazing!
You guys thinks its cool to talk to black girls like there are nothing do you ever think they have feelings? besides you guys look like this young


She is only 28 years old!!!!

Im 16 and i hate my butt, how can i get self confidence?
recently i looked in the mirror and noticed that my butt has grown really big and round. i don't like it. when i told my mom about it she says that it runs in the family and that she wishes she had a perky butt but i got it from my dad's side. she told me to just love the way i am.im trying to but i just don't seem to like it that much. why? well because im petite 5'1 and im around 100,99 or 98 pounds and with a really small flat stomach and tiny waist my butt looks out of proportion and looks really big. it makes me feel weird because a white girl at school makes joke's about it saying "omg shes gunna crush me with her big butt!" and they call me "bubble butt".and some black girl even go "damn! that white-y hispanic girl got booty!!!!" it makes me feel uncomfortable how can i learn to love butt?

please no perverted comments like i saw on other yahoo answers!!!!
You just have to accept that's the way God made you and you can't really do anything to change it. My sister has the same problem alot of people would think you should love it and embrace it instead of having no butt but she hates it cause all the nasty and unnecessary comment she gets especially from guys.

Just ignore what people say and be proud of it look at the positive things about your appearance and how many people wish they had that. No ones perfect and even when you think someone is, there will always be something they don't like about them selves so be proud of what you got and don't let no one phase you.
I have a big butt?
I am a white girl that has a butt like a black girl. what can i do to make it smaller? i have the hardest time finding pants to fit me because of it and pants are made for people with no butt now days. I've always had a bubble butt which i don't mind but i would like to tone it down to where i can atleast fit into pants easier. any ideas?
I have 6 sisters and two have the big butt syndrome. They have not been able to lose that but of course they don't exercise. some exercising will help but those same exercises can also increase it's bubbly due to building muscle. Now deep knee bends help the butt. Or my liked Butt Clinches. Those you can do daily, hundreds and you wont feel tired. and diet the rest of it off. That is moreso key to success than the exercises due to cellulose.
How to get a better butt?
My girlfriend thinks I have a bubble butt. Im not fat, I have an athletic build but my butt has a good amount of fat on it. Do girls like bubble butts? If not, is there a way to get rid of it?

I'm 23, 6'8, and African American/Black
Personally I don't find bubble butts attractive, and you can get them if your athletic too. There is a really athletic black guy on my track team who has a seriously large bubble butt out of nowhere.

If you're already athletic then there is really nothing you can do. It's just the way you're built.

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